Artist - Joyce Perry

I was born in Chingford, Essex and later moved to Rayleigh where I became a member of the Rayleigh Art Society. I later moved to Dorset and have lived there for the last thirty years.

I have won a few prizes in art competitions, one of which was in Kingston, Surrey. The organisers had said I was too young to enter as I was only fourteen at the time, but they decided to accept my painting anyway. I was very delighted when I was told I had won a prize.

I am a self taught artist although I did learn some basic skills from my father. I sold my first painting at the age of eight, and was ‘Commended First Class’ by the Royal Drawing Society at the age of twelve.

My father was a Commercial Artist, and my great uncle was the famous W Heath Robinson, so I do have an artist’s background. My paintings vary from portraits, landscapes, seascapes and also some abstract work. I mainly use oils but also acrylics, watercolour and charcoal.

I have had some commissions for paintings over the years but only recently have been able to take it more seriously now my children have left home. Below are a selection of my paintings.